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What is the reason that Japanese Soba is now so popular
among celebrities all over the world?

WASHOKU has become widely known around the world since "Japanese cuisine; Japanese traditional food culture" was etched in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2013.  Soba is one of Japan's traditional dishes, and its origin is thought to have been brought in from the Chinese continent 9000 years ago.  It was in the Edo period 400 years ago that Soba began to be eaten like noodles today.
One of the reasons for this is that the Japanese diet is said to be an ideal balance of nutrition, contributes to longevity and the prevention of obesity with a diet low in animal fats and oils through the skillful use of "Umami=Deliciousness".

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The charm of Japanese SOBA

  The reason why 100% SOBA is delicious is that you can enjoy the maximum aroma of buckwheat flour.

Represent Food in Japan

To know the history of soba is to know the sophisticated food culture of Japan

Soba is a typical Japanese dish along with sushi and tempura. It has a long history, and in the Edo period "Sobakiri", a method of cutting buckwheat flour into the shape of noodles, was invented.
It is now called "SOBA" for short. After that, it became popular mainly in Edo and became popular as a daily dish. It was also appreciated by feudal lords as a gift to the Shogun family. Buckwheat, which flourished in the Edo period, became a representative food culture of Japan, appearing in many Ukiyoe prints and literature. 

Healthy Food

The common people in Edo knew it!
Healthy power of Soba noodles

SOBA has a healthy image and has long been recognized as a healthy food since ancient times. For hundreds of years there is a saying "If you don't drink soba water, you'll get sick!" even since the Edo period. From a scientific point of view, it contains more ingredients important for healthy living than wheat and rice.
Rutin is a substance that helps prevent lifestyle-related diseases. A polyphenol that is also found in red wine and helps keep blood vessels elastic, preventing high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and strokes. It is said that by eating one Zaru Soba, you can take in rutin, which is necessary to prevent such lifestyle-related diseases.
Buckwheat Sead


Skin Beauty

Effective for beautiful skin!

Are all the people who eat SOBA beautiful?
The best dish that maintains beautiful skin and body!

Soba is a dish that is good for women who can expect beautifying effects as well as being good for their health.
The most notable is the effect on skin. The abundant dietary fiber contained in soba has the effect of improving bowel movements and cleaning the intestines. This hot topic lends Soba to being a perfect dish for optimising "intestinal activity" leading to beautiful skin.

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Popular Scene


Sorted Sushi

Japanese Restaurant

Soba as the last closing meal

With the rapid increase in the number of Japanese restaurants, it is possible to increase the variety of menu and differentiate the restaurant by serving authentic soba noodles without the need of hiring an authentic soba chef.

Italian Pastas

Italian/French Restaurant

Integration with Japanese ingredients

With the global health boom, gluten-free ingredients are attracting attention, and dishes using buckwheat noodles are also being actively developed and sought after.




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Nice aroma and no different from authentic Soba.

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Gluten-free Soba pasta is one of the popular menus!